Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making Up for Lost/Sick Time

I never did finish our vacation posts, and now we're only a few days off of Christmas. Now that we're mostly over another round of illness, let's see how many entries I can mass-produce between now and Saturday.

We loaded up and left town on November 17, only a couple of weeks after moving homes. We hadn't unpacked more than our essentials before we were repacking them into suitcases.

First stop, Las Vegas.

We don't love Las Vegas, but we feel there are a handful of fun shows worth seeing. We made special plans to stay an extra day to see the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater.

Having never traveled to Las Vegas with a 2-year-old, we arranged to stay at "Circus-Circus" which touts itself as a family-friendly hotel. It might be too, if your children don't wake up and want to get going before 11AM. If they do, you might as well stay elsewhere. We wish we had.

All the "kid-friendly" attractions were routed through the casino. We were hunted down by the security guards who told us it was "illegal" for Bridgette to touch the slot-machines. Uh-huh. The hotel's solution for roping off the kid-attractions until 11AM while expecting a toddler not to touch the slot machines that blink and flash and make lots of cool noises? We were to stay neatly on a specific strip of carpet BETWEEN all the slot machines for two hours.

I repeat.


Here is Bridgette enjoying a family-friendly attraction that didn't open until 11AM. Amazing isn't it? No doubt you're saying to yourself, "Cool. We have one of those at our Wal-Mart." Ah! But when you drive 6 hours to ride one... ok, ok. You're so right. It's still the same as the one at Wal-Mart.

This one merry-go-round was all we were able to do before nap time. Excellent. Totally a family-friendly hotel.

After a nap that began around... oh, 11:30AM... we did in fact go to Gregory Popovich's show at the V Theater. It was really great. At the end of our whole vacation, Jeff counted it as one of his favorite activities. Bridgette loved it too. She laughed and laughed. She was entertained, and she entertained others. It was worth it.

Here we are in front of the theater after the show.

If you look carefully at the photo above, you will notice that a section of my blue jeans are especially blue. That's because Bridgette was recovering from a terrible illness. During those two weeks between moving and the start of our vacation, Bridgette got really sick. I blogged about it. We spent a late night at the ER at Primary Children's and had to endure IV treatments at home. We weren't sure we were going to be able to travel at all.

As she improved, we made the decision to travel, but the first five days were quite trying. Bridgette's viral enteritis and total shut-down turned into a complete physical loss of bowel control. Although she was "healthy," she had painful diarrhea that seemed never to end. What with long hours of car travel and being away from home, it wasn't easy on anyone.

Unlike Utah, Nevada and California seem to think diaper changes are a woman's domain, so the only baby changing stations were in the women's restrooms. That meant we (me and Bridgette) were visiting them every 5-15 minutes. Jeff was sad not to share the burden, but he didn't have much choice.

Things did improve. As the week went on we were down to 4-5 poopy diaper changes a day. That many changes would ruffle a lot of parental feathers, but we were giddy. By comparison, it was cause to rejoice.

So, this being day 2, our diapering woes were still an issue. In the middle of the Popovich Pet Comedy Theater, my leg became suddenly warm. Fortunately it was just urine. (To make up for the previous week, Bridgette was drinking like a camel.) We were on the front row, so I managed a slick and modest change with her standing on her feet in front of me. I will never forget the look in Jeff's eyes when he leaned over and said, "THAT was impressive." Such a small compliment, but so much love.

After the show, we went to a restaurant next door to the theater. They specialized in burgers, so of course I got crab cakes. Appropriately, Jeff got a gigantic burger dripping in trimmings. Bridgette ate ketchup. She had a few fries on the side.

I can count Bridgette's food choices for the entire week on one hand: ketchup, potato chips (2 huge bags), honey-roasted peanuts (three big jars), shredded wheat (1 full cereal box), and fries.

Tell me that girl won't break a few hearts someday! (Forget her darling face, it's those ketchup lips that attract the boys...)

Back at the hotel. Jeff used our "free" arcade tickets to shoot some hoops (an activity that is also free at your local park). He gave me first shots, and I made them and won a teddy bear. Bridgette was so cute and cranky that some random person gave her a teddy bear too.

We slept there another night and then we were off to San Diego! We got a long look at the terrain because the traffic headed south out of Las Vegas was squeezed down to one lane for a while. That meant a two-hour traffic jam (where we were rear-ended actually, but there was no damage -- it was so slow I jumped out of the car on I-15 to check).

Considering her sore bum, Bridgette was an excellent traveler. She didn't complain a bit until the end of the drive when traffic was backed-up again in California. It was slow enough we had to get off at every exit to change her diaper.

Second stop (and next blog), San Diego!

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Lore said...

So good to hear from you again. Glad to be getting a report on your vacation, sounds like some fun already. Looking forward to the next post(s).