Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Personal (Puppy) Appeal

If any of you are considering a Christmas puppy, PLEASE, consider this little guy!

I've done a LOT of rescuing in my days, and I know a lot about dogs. This little sweetheart is next to perfect.

I found him wandering around our church building Sunday. I've done my best to find his owner, but given that he has a collar and no tags, I fear his "people" may have let him go on purpose. I can't IMAGINE why -- except that he's a puppy, and puppies do puppy things...

He is 4-6 months old. He has bright white teeth, soft puppy fur, soft puppy pads on his paws, and -- lest you feel deceived -- will grow into a wonderful, loyal large-breed dog. He is primarily black labrador retriever. And guess what! He already LOVES to retrieve!

I posted him on KSL Classifieds -- but Christmas-time is "puppy season," and I'm afraid a gorgeous rescue like him will be overlooked for all the new purebred puppies out there.

From my point of view, I think this guy is at the PERFECT age. He is young enough to train easily (older rescues are trainable but it's much harder), young enough to still have some "puppy" behavior left in him, but old enough not to be a puppy for long.

Anyone who has had a puppy knows they start young! They wee in the house, jump on you, and chew your shoes. It all sounds very cute, but some people are not cut out for it. This little guy still has some of those behaviors, but he'll be outgrowing them very shortly... the PERFECT time to adopt.

Having rescued over one-hundred dogs, I can tell you, this one is a KEEPER. I would absolutely keep him myself, but since I already have two wonderful rescued dogs, I really have to find him a new home.

He's currently living in my backyard. I'm caring for him as best I can, but it's going to snow soon. I want to find him a home before he gets too cold.

We let him come in last night for a few minutes to warm up, and guess who fell in love with him? Yep! Bridgette! She likes our dogs, but she followed this guy around like none-other. And he was so gentle with her.

He's going to make someone the perfect dog. PLEASE help me find that someone!


JulieAnn said...

Aw he's too big for us. I like little dogs. He's cute though!

Wren Johnson said...

AW man! Wish I could adopt him. He's sooo cute! Big dogs are awesome cuz they're so loyal and mellow. :) Not that little dogs aren't awesome too. haha :)

Lore said...

What a sweetheart! I assume you've had him to the vet and checked for an identification chip. I hope you find him some people soon!

HeatherH said...

So cute! My kids would kill for a dog! We keep telling them we have to wait until we move out to the country. Our neighbors have enough pets for the whole neighborhood lol.

Can I have your new address? Thanks!

Chelsea said...

Oh, I so want that dog! But Rob has reminded me that we can't currently afford it. I'll try to wear him down. Also, our backyard only has a low fence.

In the meantime, my friend Barbi runs Utah Lab Rescue. She may be able to help you place this cutie.

Kel said...

Good news! I found an owner/family for him! They promise to send me a picture of him on Christmas Day playing with all their kids. In the meantime, the neighbor next door (to the adoptive family) will be fostering him.

I hope all turns out well for him in his new life. It's out of my hands now. I did the best I could.