Saturday, December 11, 2010

She Did What???

Bridgette began the church Christmas party the way we expected -- screaming when we tried to set her down, screaming and turning away to hide her face when anyone tried to talk to her.

After some delicious food, she warmed up a bit, meandering away from us for a moment then returning to say hello.

Gradually feeling more confident, it wasn't long before she was running about exploring with no concern for her "missing" parents.

Part-way through a musical program, she found a couple of young ladies to whom she took a liking. When these same young ladies headed up to the stage to sing a Christmas carol with the other youth, Bridgette climbed (crawled) up the stairs to be with them.

She'd been copy-catting them for 5 minutes straight, so we figured she would stand next to them, apprentice-style.

We were incorrect.

When the director raised her hands to lead the youth choir, Bridgette stepped out front, raised her hands too, and shouted, "Ready!"

Please... enjoy the video.

She's a little small, but you'll pick her out anyway for she is mighty in spirit.

For those of you thinking how adorable and funny and wonderful this is... well, you're not alone. At least half the audience was smiling and laughing and loving it.

For those of you thinking we're terrible parents and that this is entirely inappropriate... don't worry, half the audience agreed with you too.

Jeff and I are split. We agree we may very well be terrible parents, but we also think she is pretty adorable.


Lore said...

Not only is she un-shy, she's sneaky too!

Kristen said...

This is just way too awesome that you have this on video!! And I'd never blame the parenting - come on, this is way more entertaining than the original act. Love it! It was so fun seeing you guys a few weeks ago. We loved playing with Bridgette too.

April said...

CUTEST conductor ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally entertaining -- from the directing to the "singing" to Jeff's chuckling to when Bridgette promptly exited the stage when the song was over. Loved it all.


HeatherH said...

Love that red dress!