Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's Update

Primary Children's Medical Center -- South Side.

Our room overlooks the north side entrance and the parking garage.

***Bridgette's Update***

Here's what we know:

--Bridgette is still seriously dehydrated (no urine output plus other indicators).
--Doing rectal irrigations: 120 clean cc's in, 300 yellow-green out.
--Still having watery diarrhea.
--Not vomiting today (fingers-crossed she keeps it up... well, down).
--Ate some Cheerios, applesauce, crackers.
--Has drunk almost a liter of Pedialyte in 24 hours, but we don't think much/any of it has been absorbed.
--On full-time IV drip.
--No TPN yet, but she has lost over a pound of weight.
--PCMC stool culture also returned negative for C diff as well as rotovirus.

What we don't know:
--Why she's this sick.
--What's causing it.
--How to fix it.

What we've done today:

With the negative culture results, baby is no longer in quarantine. That means for the first time in her hospital career, she has been able to leave her room with her IV tower in tow.

--So we've gone for rides in the hospital wagons...

(Next 2 Photos Taken by Bridgette)

Her Day-Shift Nurses, 2/24/2011 :)

Cruisin' Down to Radiology for a KUB

--We've watched the fish tank...

--We've even played in the playrooms! :)

(In this photo she's in the back corner with Jeff and her IV tower. I cannot tell you how much more pleasant a hospital stay is when you are physically allowed to leave your room.)

--She's gotten more tests...

--And of course we've watched TV, or as Bridgette says, "T!"

--This room not only has a "great" view, but it also has a DVD player, and the hospital provides a truly random selection of DVDs. Last night we watched Winnie the Pooh's Search for Christopher Robin (twice!), followed by "The Invasion of the Tinysauruses."

--Oh! And another thing. Our room is located near a free washer/dryer. You have to wait your turn (there's only one of each), but we have employed them twice already in less than 24 hours, her special blankets being as necessary to her survival as her IV fluids. Thank the stars she has TWO special blankets or we'd be hosed.

What we haven't done:

Jeff took the day off from work and is currently with Bridgette. So I am home for a nap, a shower, this blog entry, and an in-class course I need to attend tonight before I can finalize my place on a Red Cross disaster action team. Then I'll head back up to Primary's tonight and for the foreseeable future.

For her part, Bridgette is being pretty good, although she regularly points to the door and says, "Out!" or "Home!" She also regularly points to the taped-up-IV on her wrist and says, "Off!"

Sadly, she's getting very sensitive about people touching her again, friendly touches or not. If someone reaches for her, she curls her lip and glares in what I consider to be a very communicative gesture. Nurses being generally kind and helpful people certainly mean no harm, but they like to ruffle her hair, etc. That action is met by a scream and Bridgette punching herself in the head to get them to stop. I wish they would stop. They usually laugh. I don't think it's very funny.

Bridgette's also more possessive of what is "hers" right now, right down to her IV line. She would rather not have anyone touch anything that is "hers." Some of it is legitimately hers but when someone, say, picks up her blanket or her bear, Bridgette cries out, reaching for it in desperation. We've seen this behavior at home, but I wonder if her hospital visits are not the source (or an aspect of the source) of her need to control what she can control. After all, she does sometimes have to have her favorite comforts/lovies removed at the times she wants/needs them most. I suspect it has been traumatic in her own two-year-old view of the world.

Bridgette recognizes almost all medical equipment at this point.

At vitals' times (every 4 hours, day or night), she turns her head to expose her ear when she sees the thermometer. She holds up her pointer finger when she sees the PulseOx. She sticks out her leg for the blood pressure cuff, even though she doesn't like it. On the other hand, she thrashes and cries out for me when she sees the IV flushes and the rectal catheter.

Don't blame you there, babe.


Paul said...

Hang in there baby B! We love you all SOOOOO much!!

Anonymous said...

As always, so sorry to hear about the scary stuff this precious little girl is going through. Kind of heartbreaking that she's had to learn to be so brave because of this. Hoping that she'll have a BIG turnaround soon. Helps to be able to picture where she is.

Love you, Lynn

Anonymous said...

Mom and dad hang in there. I will keep all of youin my prayers. I think of baby B often. I hope they will find out why she is so sick soon. It's scary not knowing...Hope she feels better soon.

Lore said...

Bridgette looks like she is feeling a little better. I hope so! We continue to pray and look forward to your updates. Hope she (and you) gets to go home soon. Love you.

Sarah Vazquez said...

Sending prayers your way. I can't imagine what you are going through and have so many tender feelings for your situation. Love, hugs, and kisses!

Kel said...

In new news, I'm staying home tonight and Jeff is staying with Bridgette at the hospital. For reasons unknown, I've developed a horrible migraine over the past few hours. Seeing this bright screen is almost making me vomit. High sensitivities to light, noise, smells, everything. Sadly, that means another day PTO for my great husband tomorrow... which wasn't part of the plan. But there is no way I could drive back up to SLC tonight. Probably good I came home when I did, actually. Feeling pretty awful. And I'm kind of sad too.

Jeff says Bridgette puts her hand to her mouth every time she drinks her Pedialyte... as though she's about to throw up. So, I guess no changes there. I wish them both as much sleep as possible.

Get better, Bridgette!
I love you, Jeff!

April said...

So Sorry :( Hang in there!

Alisha said...

Hi, this is Alisha and you and your husband left comments on my blog ( and I would love to meet up with you guys and have a "vent" session. You can email me ([email protected]) or I'm on Facebook (alisha.peters).

Hope to hear from you soon!

Laura George said...

We are so sorry to hear you all are back in the hospital. We are praying for strength for your family, and a quick recovery for baby Bri. You guys are such great parents she's lucky to have you, just as you are lucky to have her. Sending love and prayers,
Laura, Jesse and Faithlyn