Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Heart Books and Dogs

Here is Bridgette attempting to eat some cereal before her nap. I hope it stays down. Nothing like having your daughter aspirate on her own vomit! It's a most unpleasant way to wake up. And since we already took a shower today too (she woke up covered head to toe in poop), staying clean for 12 hours would be nice.

So these are her current favorite books. I know -- there're a lot of them. But we have *lots* more, so these really are her favorites. She goes in phases asking for one or another over and over. Then we shift to a different set of books. Then we shift back.

If I had to pick her *favorite* favorites at the moment, I'd go with The Icky Sticky Frog, Ten Tiny Tadpoles, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, All the Ways I Love You, and The Pocket Scientist.

Then again, pick one at random and it could be her favorite that day.

The Pocket Scientist is pretty cool because she's learning about her own body (including her digestive system) as well as dinosaurs (she's picked up a ferocious dinosaur stance, complete with sound effects), flowers, birds, electricity, the water cycle, etc.

Today she looked up at the ceiling and said something I couldn't understand. Eventually I got it and said, "Lightbulbs . . .?" To which she responded excitedly, "Yeah! Bulbs!" That came from The Pocket Scientist section on electricity which we read last week.

The books are all spread out because she gets to pick one or two or three books to read together before each nap and each bedtime (the number dependent on how late it is, how sick she is, and how tired I am), and then we sing a song.

The book selection process is rigorous!

(I think that's partly a stall tactic.)

Current favorite songs are Baby Beluga, The Wheels on the Bus (we have made up several of our own verses, her favorite being "The doors on the bus go... PSSHHH...."), the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, the Little Einstein's theme song, Once There Was a Snowman, and Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree.

This is Chewy. He's my favorite. And despite everything that is going on, he would rather not be forgotten.

He likes to lay at my feet as often as possible and be rubbed on his snout between his eyes. In fact, he is laying under my desk now while I type this. :)

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