Saturday, March 26, 2011

*A Developmental Update*

I almost forgot!

Bridgette's developmental team came over yesterday morning for her semi-annual evaluation. They tested all the normal stuff: mobility, cognition, language, etc.

We already know she is behind on language, but everything else tested at or almost at normal age levels!

For example, in mobility, she is still not going up and down stairs without holding on, and she almost always leads with the same foot. She also has a hard time standing on one foot without holding on (think putting on your pants), but when asked to do so, she goes to the couch and lifts one leg above her head... so that's pretty cute.

Everything else in mobility is caught up.

In cognition, she seemed to have trouble choosing which object was "bigger" than its neighbors, so she got marked low on that one. But, I'm not convinced she didn't know. I think she was choosing to do things her own way... like usual.

Besides that, cognition was caught up.

In fact, she recognized a lot of vocabulary words in photos that really surprised her testers. They'd put multiple photos down and ask her to do matching or pointing, and she got everything right plus some.

So that just leaves speaking.

I've talked to other HD moms in Australia and the U.K. and found out that some of their kids are also "tongue-tied" as they put it. But is it an increase over the general population in direct correlation to HD? I don't know.

Bridgette still rarely says more than one syllable at a time.

For example, in the car the other day she was adamantly saying ... something. And she really, really wanted me to understand.

It sounded like, "Dahs! Dahs!"

"OK, Honey, let me think..."

My 10 second stream of consciousness:

...what does she see? is "dahs" outside the window somewhere? is she pointing? no. probably something in the car. maybe she's hurting. what body part does "dahs" sounds like. is she hurting? well, her face looks strained but she's not holding anything. "dahs" ... is that her seatbelt? well, it doesn't sound like it. ok. what else is in the car? juice. but she can say that. ball. she can say that too. maybe it's not an object. maybe it's an idea. oh wait! sounds. she likes sounds. anything outside that sounds like "dahs?" maybe she heard a loud "dah"... car? "cah." but i don't remember hearing a loud car. she knows plane. ok breathe. "dahs." oh... stars! she can't see any, unless she was talking about the texaco sign sooo... we have john williams in the cd player. i bet she wants to listen to music.


"Do you want Star Wars?"


So on came the Star Wars theme song that previously lay dormant and quiet, out of sight and out of one of our minds.

It can get very confusing though.

While I was writing this she came in asking me for a diaper change. She was on her changing pad upstairs, grabbing her feet and saying, "Dahs!"

"Yeah!" I said, "Socks!"

"No, mama. Dahs."


Oh... right.

"Dots. You have 'dots' on the bottom of your socks, don't you?"


We're always really excited when we see progress -- pleased for her and happy for what it means for her life. It's hard to see progress from day to day as development has been slow on so many fronts since she was born. These subsequent 6 month sum-it-all-up evaluations are good for me.

She's been dealt a frustrating hand, but she's working through it a little at a time doing the best she can.

Way to go, baby!


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Tammy and Alvin said...

Hoorah! She has definitely learned more than I have in the last 6 months. I think we could all benefit from regular evaluations and charts that show the big picture of our progress. :) So happy for Bri (and you and Jeff)!

Angela said...

Way to go Bridgette!