Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinosaurs Versus Fairies

In our house, the dinosaurs and the fairies ride around in the same metal lunch box and come out to play together.

Sometimes they give each other kisses. Sometimes they eat each other. (Fairies *love* dinosaur meat...)

This morning, Bridgette chose her lunch box over all other toys. She began by making the fairies fly and the dinosaurs burp. Seemed fitting.

But it wasn't long before the fairies got in a brutal fight over who got to eat a soda cracker. There was a lot of "Mine! No, mine!" before they started to brawl. Ever seen a two inch fairy throw a punch? It's fearsome.

I took these photos of Bridgette this morning while she was playing...

Eventually the fairies gave up, and a dinosaur snuck in to finish the job...

And here is Bridgette the Fairy running around the house, dinosaur and soda cracker in hand.

So really, we don't have much to say but thought we'd give you an overview of our week -- just to catch up.

Uncle Jon left last Saturday. Chewy really misses him.

Jeff has been working harder than ever on our business. He and his twin have been putting some finishing touches on a new site that they hope to release soon.

Here's Jeff taking an unusual break from work. It took three tries to find a real smile...

Bridgette has been wearing dresses and skirts because shorts and pants get soiled in a matter of minutes.

She almost always picks out her own outfits (occasionally I intervene, but that's atypical). Lately, she has wanted to wear this dress a lot. I thought Gramma Hoose would like to know since she's the one who made it for Bridgette.

We had about two days of sunshine before returning to our luscious spring snow. Bridgette made the most of it.

And before I end with the photos from Cousin Sienna's first birthday, here's an update on Bridgette and her health.

She's about the same.

Health-wise she's eating and drinking and playing. Diaper-wise, I think we may have seen a slight slow-down in the last two days.

Slight means I changed 8 diapers between 9AM and 2PM today.

The prescription diaper creams didn't work, but I've created my own (new) diaper cream that seems to be more successful than anything else. It's got all the necessary ingredients to fight bacteria and fungus and soak up moisture, but it's really thick, maintains its stickiness, and has a topical analgesic for pain. If you coat her with a deep enough layer, it even stays in place over her bloody skin for 4 or 5 minutes.

Make that 9 diapers.

With the slow down I ventured to a grocery store with Bridgette in tow yesterday -- the first time I've tried that in over a month. She did pretty well. We hurried and managed to finish the actual shopping before any diapering necessities. Not surprisingly, the trouble started during check-out when I was trapped between shoppers, conveying groceries, and paying. There was a near meltdown (both of us), but we got it done.

Note: My hands continue to be dry, chapped, raw, and bloody from how often I have to wash my hands post-diaper change. But I've purchased some lovely new lotions (a particular weakness of mine anyway) and now they smell like lemon meringue pie. Mmm...

We're all severely lacking in sleep. Babs has had a hard time napping (sometimes going without... which just about kills me) and also not sleeping through the night. Two nights ago she slept well. Last night, not so much. It comes and goes.

Jeff and I have gotten in the habit of staying up most of the night, with the understanding that we'd be up anyway so we might as well try to accomplish something. I was exhausted and went to bed *really* early yesterday (11PM). Jeff went to bed around normal time (1:30AM). We've been known to stay up until 4AM... 6AM... it just depends how things are going with Bridgette.

So, to end this little entry, here are some fun photos from her cousin's 1st birthday party.

Bridgette loves Ellie and Sienna...

And Bridgette and Ellie loved Sienna's cake...

Only, Bridgette was non-plussed when Sienna shared the cake by putting it on her head. I thought it was hilarious.

Oh, how CUTE!

But this one is my favorite because it shows so much natural character.

And thanks to Auntie Brenda for snapping this super cute photo... with which, I make an end of writing.

Addendum: Make that 10 diapers.


Lore said...

Oh, how cute! And Bridgette appears to be putting a little bit of chub on those bones. Her legs are looking so sturdy and strong. I was excited to see a photo of her running. It wasn't that long ago that she was just learning to move around on her own. Things may not be quite "normal" yet, but she seems to be making great progress. Thanks for updating us.

Tammy and Alvin said...

I love this post. What a great example of the fact that we don't stop living just because things are hard or poopy or bloody or ... Thanks for teaching us all a lesson, Bridgette. It's great to see you having so much fun!