Friday, March 25, 2011

For the Love of Dogs

We really love our dogs.

They hang out with us outside.

They hang out with us inside.

They clean our lasagna dishes after dinner (don't worry... we threw them away!)

Sometimes they roll on dead mice and require a bath.

Haha! Tell me Chewy doesn't look mad...

And today they were kind enough to stand out in the snow for a few seconds, just so I could take pictures of how fast it was coming down.

What GOOD dogs.


Heidi said...

What cute pictures, especially the one of a "mad" Chewy. :)

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I agree with Heidi, the bath pictures are funny.

April said...

Aw! What lucky dogs they are!

Tammy and Alvin said...

As beautiful as your dogs are, I will unabashedly admit that my first thought was, "John! Oh, he looks great and so happy!" (I'm sure it's because he's with you and your dogs!) I love your dogs, too, and your pretty backyard. Great pics! Tell John "Hi" for me.

ps. we've got snow headed our way tomorrow. Did the atmosphere not get the memo that the groundhog did *not* see his shadow this year!