Friday, March 11, 2011

On Musical Art

You know, while I'm at it, there's one other bit of "art" I feel I should mention.

At PCMC, sometimes volunteers come in and play music in the lobbies.

Once, as I exited the Rainbow Cafe after a rushed meal, I was hurrying up the stairs two at a time to get back to Bridgette when I heard a woman playing her violin in the north entryway.

The music resonated up to the second floor where I paused to cry. She was playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (which is a sad song in a hospital setting), but it was cathartic for me none-the-less.

In the third floor north lobby, by the sanctuary, there's a black baby-grand piano. It's there for anyone to play. I even sat down and tried to remember one of my favorite pieces without my sheet music (which I could not do... so I didn't punish anyone for long).

But better yet are those volunteers who come for an hour here or there to play beautiful music. You can't hear it in the patients' rooms, but it's lovely to listen to in those passing-through moments.

Bridgette even heard someone playing Star Wars once on the way to the playroom. As this is her favorite song, she put her finger to her ear and perked up and said, "Mom! Mom! Oooh!"

The nature of hospitals being what it is, we never get the chance to stand and listen for long, but even a moment of live music from a caring person is really refreshing.

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Lore said...

Wish I could be one of those people playing!