Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Good News

We've changed 20-50 diapers per day for at least a month now, and last night, I changed my first diaper in all that time that had NO POOP! It was just a plain old wet diaper.

(Here is a stack of 25 diapers, the better to understand the low-end of our daily diapering saga.)

We're back to "normal" today (9 before nap), but perhaps we caught a glimpse of what's to come?

Trying out two new prescription diaper creams soon -- "Butt Paste" (not to be confused with the over-the-counter Boudreaux's Butt Paste which does not have Rx antifungal Nystatin) and "Pink Swizzle" (which uses Clotrimazole, another topical antifungal we're already using).

Butt Paste and Pink Swizzle.

The first sounds stout and hardy and the second like a celebratory champagne.



Lore said...

One more step forward. Hooray! Let us know how the new pastes work.

Angela said...

One day she won't poop at all and you'll think oh no! she's going to be sick. Then she'll wake up the next morning clean and dry and pee pee and poop in the toilet and it will be like a normal thing. Amazing! Isabella is getting there. (this was our morning!) :-)