Friday, April 8, 2011

A HAPPY FACE!!! :) :) :)

Not once since Bridgette's birth have we dealt with a 24-hour illness that has lasted for only 24 hours.

Is it too soon to call the final score?


But I think for ONCE IN HER LIFE, Bridgette may have recovered from a tummy bug in ONE DAY... as opposed to a week or a month or three months... and without the need for an IV! After one night of vomiting and 12 hours of diarrhea, like usual she got really dehydrated yesterday. But this morning she ate and drank and played and has cont'd to do so throughout the day.

Yippee!!! I can't tell you how thrilled that makes me!

Here she is (a few minutes ago) demonstrating how she can hold four dice at the same time.

Earlier this evening she was drawing on a box in the living room (a perfect use for the packing boxes from our move... break them down and you've got large surfaces for coloring) and she drew two eyes and a smile. Perfectly.

Then she looked up and shocked both me and Jeff by saying, "A face! A HAPPY face!"


And I couldn't agree more. We all have very happy faces tonight!


Just for kicks and giggles (literally) here are some pictures that Uncle Paul took of us wrestling/tickling at Jeff's parents' house on Sunday.

I'm really glad he pulled his cell phone out to capture these. I think they're fun.

Bridgette was telling everyone (enthusiastically) how she was about to board, "A SHIP!"

Jeremy, Ma Johnson, Jeff

Bridgette & Kelly


Lore said...


Anonymous said...

Hope Bridgette continues to do well. Loved the photos!


Alisha said...

Yay!! That's exciting!!

April said...

HOORAY! Speedy recoveries are the best kind! :)

Anonymous said...

Best post ever!!


Lisa Merkley said...

I'm glad she's doing better! And is it just my imagination, or is her hair getting darker?