Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is a story.

This is a story about inter-species siblings.

This is a story about a small human who had to travel 45 minutes two-ways to see a pediatric gastroenterologist who she doesn't like.

This is also a story about her canine brother who insisted on coming along for the ride.

This is a story about how the small human got SO tired from traveling... and from playing with the toys in the gastroenterologist's office... and from screaming at the gastroenterologist herself... and from a post-visit hunger-squelching foray to McDonald's for chicken nuggets and BBQ sauce... that she fell asleep in the car on the way home.

(Check out those cute socks. They play the role of an awesome striped side-character. The plot... thins? No. The plot gets dressed.)

This is also a story about a dog.

This is a story about a hungry dog who likes McDonald's BBQ sauce... and who waited very patiently for said-small-human to fall asleep... and who gingerly enjoyed a tasty little BBQ sauce snack straight from the face of the small human.

This is a story about a small human who was SO tired, she didn't even wake up from her canine brother's lickings.

It's also a story about a dog who is so kind to the small human that he was careful not to wake her up while he ate.

This is the end of a small story.

And here's a fine video of Bridgette playing at the University Mall playground this week:

(Sorry about the quality -- it's cell phone video.)

As well as a video in the same location from August when Bridgette had taken her first smallest "baby" steps, for contrast and comparison:

(Oddly enough, the video below shows the first time she was willing to slide by herself, while the video above shows the first time she's been willing to slide by herself SINCE then. Which is why I took more video.)


Lore said...

What a cute story about two very special small beings!

Isn't the improvement in mobility great? I noticed that Bri took one small step up (onto the bottom of the slide) without feeling like she had to hold onto anything. Stairs can't be too far off.

Oh, and she notices everything, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos and good for Chewy for speaking up that he'd like to go along!


Jacqueline Miller said...

This is such a sweet story about a girl and her dog-brother. Ever think of writing a children's book? You have the material right here...