Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At Least Take a Look

Unlike my typical verbose posts, I just want to make my readers (all SIX of you) aware of something.

Perhaps I have an especially tender spot for 3-year-old girls with unusual diseases. Or for little ones who have spent too much time in the hospital. Or simply for kids in pain.

The Greenawalt family is trying to raise funds for the Energy for Life Walk, October 2011. I hope you'll consider donating.

Their daughter Savannah is living with a Mitochondrial Disease. They're trying to raise $3000 to celebrate her third birthday, but their cause is much bigger.

And here is a video Amber (Savannah's mom) made about Mitochodrial Disease. I couldn't finish it because I got too teary. But it really puts the faces and facts behind those dealing with this not-so-rare disease.

You can also "like" their Facebook page to get more info or simply to support them in their efforts and spread the word: Facebook: Saving Savannah.


Alisha said...

I saw this and shared it the other night on facebook, and boy it tugged at my heart! I hope more people take the time to read this story and see the videos!

Smith Family said...

Very powerful!