Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bridgette!

Another trip around the sun, and Bridgette is THREE today! Amazing!

This past year has been much like former years -- hospitalizations, intermittent developmental progress, and lots of honestly-come-by cuteness and fun.

Bridgette is slightly more adorable every day.

(That's hard to do... how in the WORLD could she be more adorable today than yesterday?)

I made a video of her life and managed to squeeze 3 years into *TWELVE minutes.*

But since I know some of you don't have 12 minutes, I made ANOTHER video (with better graphics but not as much meaning) that lasts only *FIVE minutes!*

Here is the FIVE MINUTE version:

And here is the TWELVE MINUTE version, including video clips of her first crawl, her first steps, and where she is now in terms of mobility:

And even if you don't have time for either version, feel free to leave a happy birthday comment to help her birthday be even happier! :)

(It's 9:30AM and she's still asleep... so we're starting the day on a very happy note.)

36 Month Stats:
Weight 28.6 lbs** = 30%
Height 36 inches = 25%
Head Circ 19 inches = 35%

**Note: She ate 3 cheeseburgers for lunch yesterday, and 2 more cheeseburgers for breakfast this morning. Unusual, but a nice trend for much needed weight-gain.


If you're in the area, come to our backyard tonight at 7PM to celebrate. We've got *lots* and *lots* of strawberry shortcake makings, and we'll be serving them until they're gone!


Tammy and Alvin said...

Happy Birthday, Bridgette!!

Is it OK if watched both videos? I'm such a sucker for a well made home video.

Loved the song choices. I hadn't heard them all before, but, with your permission, we may have to use one in a video of our own someday.

I'm starting work on a video for my brother's wedding, and if going from 12 to 5 minutes was tough, good luck editing everything down when Bridgette gets married. So many cute pictures.


Lore said...


We sure enjoyed playing with you last weekend and wish we could still be there to play with you today and to say "happy birthday" in person. We hope you have a GREAT day, today. We love you bunches!

Tiffany W. said...

Okay... maybe it is because it is that time of the month for me... but that totally made me cry! (I watched the 5 min version) and I can't help but think that the Lord could not have picked better parents for sweet Bridgette! Happy Birthday baby girl! Keep on keeping on!

Aria said...

Love the video - you did such a great job, Kelly! The pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing it! Happy happy birthday, Bridgette!

Anonymous said...

So the 5 minute video is wonderful but..... the 12 minute video is EVEN BETTER!! Can not get enough of this sweet precious girl!! Happy Birthday Bridgette!! Your Auntie Brenda loves you!!

Tammy and Alvin said...

I ditto everything Alvin said in his comment. The kids and I both watched both videos and loved them (and the music)! What struck me that most is all of the fun and special "moments" you've been able to have in spite of all of the not-so-fun ones. Happy Birthday, Bri!

Lore said...

P.S. Very well proportioned stats. Bravo, Bridgette!

Anonymous said...


Three! You are so big! We Love You.
We Miss You. We think about you lots.

Aunt Julianne, Uncle Scott, Evan, Emma, and James

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd birthday dear Bridgette (or, "precious little girl" as I usually think of you)!

Hope you had a fun birthday all day long. I love you!

Aunt Lynn

Alisha said...

So sorry we missed out on the party :( We still need to get together before it gets cold again!! Those videos made me tear up... some of those pictures were so reminiscent of my experiences with Em... you've come so far with your beautiful Bridgette, way to go!!

Happy birthday to the sweet, vibrant and brave girl!!