Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Imagination

Bridgette is using her imagination a lot these days. As we're reading books, she often "removes" items from the pages and plays with them.

At church on Sunday she found a ghost sitting next to her and shared her juice.

She's constantly throwing magically morphing imaginary balls high into the air with the injunction, "Mommy! Catch de ice-cream!" or, "Catch de rocks! From space!" or, "Catch the yo! In mouf!"

So, as parents, it's handy working with that budding imagination for the greater good.

For example, today she didn't want to eat her lunch. Instead her sandwich began to talk to mine.

"Hi. I me."

"Hello, me. I'm sandwich."

"Hi. I sannich too. Play me?"

"Sure. I'll play with you!"

"What want play?"

"I want to play the game where I jump really high off the table into mommy's mouth! And then she takes bites of me until I disappear. That game makes me happy!"

"Oh? Yeah? Me too!"



Lore said...

Tricky! Love that girl.

Alisha said...

She is so cute! She and I would get along just fine (I adore a good imagination!)