Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Small Disappointment

Sub-titled: Now That She's Talking, Bridgette Says Funny Stuff
Sub-sub-titled: What We've Done Today (So Far)

We had a fine morning eating McDonald's breakfast sandwiches and shopping at Target (where we found almost nothing we wanted but managed to play with almost everything in the store).

On our way home, I asked Bridgette if she'd rather go home or go to the mountains.

She said, "Tens!"

So we took a detour.

As we headed down busy 800 North and into Provo Canyon, Bridgette kept saying, "Watch, Mommy! Watch!"

(Since everything she does is new and fascinating to her, it's supposed to be fascinating to me too--and usually is. So I hear, "Mommy, watch!" upwards of several hundred times a day.)

Well, she was safely strapped into her car seat in the back, so I opted to explain why I had to say, "No." Understanding goes a long way to prevent hurt feelings and repetitive demands.

"Honey, I can't watch. I'm driving. If I turn around to watch you, we might crash. If we crash, we might get hurt or die. And that would be bad. And very sad."

Her response?

A very disappointed, "Aaaaawwww!"

Still not positive whether she was more bothered that I wouldn't watch her or that I might crash the car and kill her. Pretty sure it was the former.

I decided to take babs to Bridal Veil Falls. It has a nice paved path, and although she is walking/running well these days, she's still somewhat unstable on variegated surfaces. Also it's not a long "hike," but it was probable she wouldn't make it there and back without a little carrying too.

We couldn't have picked a more lovely day to venture out.

She ran most of the way (interspersed with a bit of carrying). I tried to take pictures, but they're all a streak of blurry-Bridgette motion.

"Mommy, watch! I fasssst!"

The first pause was when she glimpsed her own shadow behind her.

And since I wasn't running to keep up (yes, yes, she's fasssst... but not *that* fast), I got a few pics of the scenery.

These were all taken with my cell phone, so the quality is adequate, not stellar.

Here's a shot of the Provo River, only steps away from that smooth, paved path I mentioned. With the amazing amount of snow/rain we've had this year in combo with the later than normal heat and sudden pack-melt (didn't truly start until the first week of July), the river is exceptionally high, fast, cold and ... well ... beautiful.

Where beautiful = creepy when you have an unsteady but independent three-year-old in close proximity.

Our Destination: Bridal Veil Falls

What do you know? We ran into a friend of ours who was blissfully reading a book, feet dangling in the water. It was nice to know someone to take a photo of both of us!

Bridgette and I both tried dipping our feet in the water too. We decided it was not blissful so much as frigid.

Which is putting it mildly.

It was blindingly, searingly, painfully frigid.

Mm-hmm. That's more like it.

(I'd add "numbingly," but we didn't last that long.)

After a few minutes, Bridgette said her ears were also cold. They probably were. It was a cool, cloudy, slightly rainy day... in the mountains... in the shade... at the foot of Bridal Veil with a waterfall-induced breeze... surrounded by near-freezing water...

But her ears weren't cold once she started moving again. Superb, really, to see her so active. Here she is demonstrating her sideways slide.

Best photo of the day!
Three guesses what made her so happy!

(And if you don't know her well enough, here's a cheat. Click on the picture and examine the reflection in the lens of her sunglasses -- your left, her right.)

More shadow fun. This time her shadow was in front of her, and it kept "disappearing" every time we crossed the shadow of a tree.

No. Way.

So super cool!

And that was that! We made it back to the car and then went to Wendy's where, having already eaten an entire sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin (and yes, it IS actually too tall for her to put her mouth around), Bridgette then requested and ate chicken nuggets *and* a cheeseburger.

Energy! Growth! Yum!

(I ordered a water. I have to be careful not to fall into the Bridgette's-food, drive-thru trap. Whereas Bridgette's diet might not be what I planned for her before she was born, certainly I can't eat to match without serious repercussions.)

As we drove home, a certain song came on the radio (Adele - Rolling in the Deep). Bridgette and I both started dancing, and Bridgette said, "Watch, Mommy! De juice dance too!"

I looked (we were at a stoplight!) and she was indeed helping her sippy-cup jam to the beat. It had some serious moves...


So you may have noticed I post really random stuff (see above, July 13) when in fact I still haven't posted about Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, my parents' visit, or B's birthday.

But whatever.

Here's more random stuff.

Despite the bitter winters here, I've sure enjoyed beautiful Utah this spring/summer.

(Okay. I know. Some of you have it worse. But above a certain latitude, winter means more than two days of snow. And 3+ days of snow = my definition of a bitter winter. Maybe I'll get over it someday.)

(But don't count on it.)

The day after B's birthday (Saturday, July 9), Bridgette and I went to dinner with Uncle Paul and Auntie Brenda. And when we exited the restaurant, this was our greeting.

So, so lovely!

And just the day before (Friday, July 8), this was the sunset during Bridgette's birthday party.

Seriously! Add the pervasive scent of roses and honeysuckle from our backyard, and I was simply twitterpated by all the loveliness!

I'm so enamored by clouds and sky and sun and flowers and stars and mountains and water and storms and trees and all these pieces of nature that add up so masterfully.

And the ocean.

And fireworks. I love fireworks.



Lore said...

I am so glad to read such a happy post, random though it may be, because I am glad that life is being so pleasant for you and B. You deserve some simple delights!

I also look forward to one day reading posts about all of those other (yes, I say other, because this post counts too) wonderful events of your lives.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!! Bri and I probably run the same way - though not nearly so cute on me!


Anonymous said...

Chicken nuggets AND cheeseburger!!! Go Baby B! OK not so much a baby anymore. I wa glad to hear about your happy day. Makes me smile.