Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Daughter of Mine

Category: Mommy's in the shower, so...

In case you can't tell, that's a finger-puppet in our onion chopper. I posted this on Facebook, and here were the responses:

--Hey, at least it's still in one piece... :0)
--And there was no finger in it!!
--The bear just asked if he could look at it and see how it works. Just a curious little guy.
--Does she take the heads off her dolls too, lol?
--Sounds like something out of Toy Story. You should talk to Pixar to see if they'll hire her.


Lore said...

Well, since I don't comment on Facebook, I'll make mine here - Poor little guy! I hope he was just visiting and not getting a working tour!

Michelle said...

The other day, completely unprompted, Aidan got the play knife and cutting board from his dishes set, laid his stuffed Elmo across the board, and started pretending to cut into him. I was highly disturbed...until I decided to look at it like he's going to be a great surgeon someday! Maybe Bridgette will, too! :)