Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Stuff

Here are two videos I think you might enjoy.

Bridgette received some giant Lego blocks for Christmas, a favorite toy for sure. Mostly we build and destroy towers, but one evening I built a dog.

See for yourself.

I whipped out my phone's camera right as she was giving the colorful puppy a delightful kiss on the nose.

The second video is one of those lucky, wonderful, zen bits of life.

The birds collecting in the trees were so plentiful and so loud that we could hear them chirruping from inside the house. More and more and more birds collected until the tops of the leafless Poplars were black.

Bridgette and I went outside to experience this natural orchestra, and--as if they had a conductor--in a moment they all went silent then flew away. I'm not sure why it was such a powerful experience. Perhaps because it was so unexpected? But 'amazing' doesn't quite describe it.

Within a few minutes hundreds of them had returned and were once again brightening an otherwise dull, gray day.


Lore said...

Oh, I am so happy to be sitting right here at the computer at almost the exact time you make a new post. How wonderful that you are posting again!

Yes, I know that you all love dogs, really. What a magical, silent, bird moment! And even more magical that you caught it on film.

Love you!

Alisha said...

My one word for the first video- adorable!

My one word for the second- wow!

mjj321 said...

They flew to Grandma's house!

April said...

So cute!!! I just love her!