Wednesday, January 11, 2012

She is Ninja! (Neeen-JAH)

We enrolled Bridgette in Taekwando last week. She has completed two 45-minute classes.

See her.

Fear her.

Following the most rushed hemming job in history, The Tiny Bridgenator stands stoic in her (still over-sized) uniform, ready for action.

We send her to far-away lands to train with the most blood-thirsty, pink-clad masters.

She tests form and fitness against true, pint-sized warriors.

Always, she is respectful. She bows in honor but bends to no one.

Occasionally, she finds comfort in her Sa-Bum-Nim.

She seeks clarity before battle. She prepares mentally, rehearsing her *comprehensive* training before sparring.

And she LAUGHS in the face of danger.


She's STILL LAUGHING in the face of danger.

She just CAN'T STOP LAUGHING in the face of danger!

She recognizes her opponent's worthiness but is not concerned.

Her chilling, "Hai-ya!" strikes fear and cuteness in the hearts of all.

She applies her mind, focusing in the pure fashion of the ancients.

She's relentless. Resilient. Nothing keeps her down.

She graciously shares the glory of her victories.

Do not underestimate the smallest among us . . .


Tammy and Alvin said...

Awesome! Nothing cuter than that little pony-tail wearing that little black get-up all wrapped up in that massive padding. Nothing cuter...except the laugh! Thanks for brightening my night!

Lore said...

A local Tae Kwon Do school teaches the first thing to do when confronted is to try to avoid the fight. Black belt tests are passed with flying colors if the fight can be avoided - running, hiding, etc. Of course, if it can't be avoided, it's good to know the other skills. I think she has the first skill mastered. Perhaps she's ready for black belt testing - running and laughing all the way.

Alisha said...

So, so, SOo cute!! And that's my style of fighting (giggling and retreating!)

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! MORE TINY TERROR VIDEOS!!! I love these, seriously. Go Bridgette. That was some great teacher cooperation and who doesn't love kicking things.

Aunt Julianne

April said...

Oh my goodness!!! Cutest ninja ever!