Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oy Vey! It's Post-Pink Day!

You've all seen it. The PINK aisle.

There's one (or more) at every Wal-Mart and Toys "R-backward" Us store.

While I have largely avoided the pink aisle my entire life (never really did the Barbie thing as a youngling), my child seems to be a fan.

Sort of.

Mostly she likes construction equipment, playing in mud, and The Avengers.

When we head to the playground, she takes a moment to observe her contemporaries before, inevitably, joining forces with the rowdiest pack of little boys available.

But she has a girlish-side too.

For example, she loves to wear bright pink while wrestling the boys to the ground. Playing in the mud is more of a purple pants and pigtails activity. And just like The Avengers, she's an avid fan of tiny colored tights.

When we watch Mighty Machines, she does some lovely pirouettes to the theme song.

She also wears lots of jewelry when she sword fights. Personally, I think the effect is stunning.

So, come Valentine's Day, it was no stretch for her to dress in loads of pink before engaging in a few Valentine's activities.

I'm generally terrible at posting holiday entries. I take a lot of photos, and sometimes we do noteworthy stuff as a family, but then I sort-of, kind-of forget to write anything until it feels silly to be posting Christmas 2010 around Labor Day 2011.

The only reason I'm making a point to post this holiday (ooonly one week late, thankyouverymuch) is that Jeff made Valentine's Day so special for me that I figured I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to give him a symbolic, bloggy kiss-on-the-cheek for his efforts.

And since this is the Valentine blog, it's chock full of pink, with a shot of red on the side. Put on your sunglasses (or your blinders) and proceed.


First, we had a cute Valen-tiny photo shoot.

Bridgette insisted that Clifford the Dog and Sword join her.

She sleeps with both of them every night, and they keep her company at meals, in the car, etc. Unlike her blanket she can, in fact, sometimes do without them.

Which is good.

We're collecting quite the entourage of "friends" to lug around.

And then we made Valen-tiny cookies.

Bridgette can't eat dairy or high-sugar, so we're getting pretty good at finding vegetarian, low-sugar recipes.

The problem is that none of them taste good.

This one didn't either. The cookies were gross.

But they had SPRINKLES!

LOTS of sprinkles.

So, by "gross" I mean palatable without vomiting but not much better.

Bridgette and I packed a plate (of all the cookies we made) and took them to Jeff's team at work for a Valentine's surprise.

Aren't we sweet?

This was a perfect ploy because Jeff is a software engineer, and teams of software engineers are known for inhaling free treats too fast to notice any taste at all.

Oh, and Bridgette seemed to like them, so that was sufficient.

The dough (being an odd, vegetarian, low-sugar cutout recipe) didn't roll very well either and remained lumpy, even after cooking it.

I used the extra dough, as all good bakers do, to make one giant cookie to give to one poor, sad soul. In this case, my husband.

(In fairness, I told him he shouldn't eat it.)

Being a kind and generous man, he snacked on it before giving the final vestiges (about half) to the dogs.

Look, it has perfectly balanced SPRINKLES!

And I include this last photo because I thought the "flowers and butterflies" batch turned out well. I mean... at least they look like a load of lumpy goodness, right?

And that's the end.

That's all we did.

We took photos in pink and made disgusting cookies (with SPRINKLES). We're domestic and crafty like that. But Bridgette and I did enjoy the time together, and I think that counts for something.


Okay! On to the bragging about my husband bit!

After I reminded Jeff that Valentine's Day was coming up . . .

J: What day is that again?
K: Same day as always. February 14th.
J: Right.
J: And what day is that?

. . . he asked if I wanted flowers.

Which was a perfect question!

Because I didn't!

And it was so nice to tell him that I really didn't want flowers. Or chocolate. I wanted to go out and have an enjoyable evening, having arranged a babysitter that he scheduled in advance.

The transparency of that conversation was so empowering.

And he followed through in the most perfect way!

He took me to a Valentine's Dinner & Dance at Thanksgiving Point, complete with a delicious chef-selected multi-course meal and a live band that was truly fantastic.


Did you catch that?

I said Jeff took me to a . . . a . . . a . . . DANCE.

I know! (Squeal!) I write the word DANCE like Bridgette says the word SPRINKLES!

This was waaaay out of Jeff's normal interest and comfort zone which made his gesture all the more generous (kind of like forcing himself to eat a cookie that tasted like canola oil mixed with apple sauce and salt, only better, cuz it made me really, truly happy).

He doted on me the whole evening.

Opened doors, pulled out chairs, took photos, talked to strangers (yes, that is doting on me), and he even DANCED. I figured I'd be lucky to get one song out of him, but he danced for over an hour.

(He said he mostly liked to watch me on the dance floor because I was hyper and giddy and crazy like a little kid. Which was true. Because he took me to a DANCE! I mean . . . ahem. In case you hadn't heard.)

Here is a photo of us when we first arrived.

It's a highly-pixelated self-portrait taken with that reverse feature on the iPhone which is cool in concept only it changes the pixel density from about 500,000(ppi) to about 5(ppi).

Still. We were at a dance.

I didn't think to take a picture of the food. I'm not a proper foodie like that.

You can imagine it instead.

Pomegranate salad. Mashed potatoes, spaghetti squash, carrots. Steak. Chicken in some kind of creamy mushroom sauce that I cannot possibly describe in words. (No mortal could.) Bread & butter. A trio of delightfully presented mousses and mini-cakes.


Although I failed to photograph the food, Jeff did not fail to photograph me.

So this is a picture of what I wore.

Know where I got that dress? It was a costume my roommate in college helped me slap together for a live Clue party in which I played Miss Scarlet.

Of course.

What, you didn't guess that?

Also. It's red. Like, you know, Valentine red.

Also, also. I like to be as obvious as possible. In case you hadn't noticed.

Then there was the band.

When I mentioned before that they were fantastic, I was not exaggerating. They played covers of everything and played them all perfectly--Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, Adele, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, even Beyonce--and everyone else.

They were (channeling my inner Darth Vader) most impressive.

And here is where we danced the night away.

We are not in this photo (obviously, and I apologize to the woman in purple who didn't hear me count down and shout, "Smile, everyone!") but there were a lot of folks, and the whole evening felt very glamorous.

(These were the couples dancing instead of eating their main course.)

A handful of couples showed up in jeans, but they likely felt out of place.

Most were dressed like us--a dress, a suit.

Oh! Yes! How could I have forgotten to mention this earlier?

(Slapping forehead.)

Jeff wore the suit he wore at our wedding! And he hasn't worn it since the wedding because he abhors suits in every possible way. And not only did it fit, it made me feel awesome because he dressed up just for me.

So the rest of the people (and I loved this), maybe 10% or so, were in tuxes and gorgeous formals. I even saw one woman wearing black evening gloves.

It should be mentioned, some couples were ridiculously expert dancers.

Most just danced.

A few, like me, were a bit on the nutty Look-At-Me-I-Haven't-Danced-In-Years-And-I-Feel-Like-I'm-Sixteen-Again side.

And then, well, let's face it . . . Jeff wasn't the only shuffling software engineer in the crowd who had made a strategic (and loving) move in garnering relationship points but maybe, just maybe, wouldn't have been there for any other reason.

But it really seemed like everyone was having a good time.


Happy Valentine's Day.

And a big thank you to my husband for making V-Day 2012 amazing.


Lore said...

Congratulations to all three of you - Bridgette for the great cookie baking/decorating, Kelly for getting to dance all night, and Jeff for making it all possible! You all look so happy in the photos.

mjj321 said...

Sounds marvelous, darling! A night to remember, and a day for Bridgette to remember. How can you beat that? Good thing you have almost a year to think about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the happy stories and photos. I enjoyed them!