Saturday, March 3, 2012

The *WAHOO!* Anniversary

There are so many anniversaries in life that one can celebrate. In marriage they are given absurd names like the "paper" anniversary.

(In order, the first ten years are paper, cotton, leather, linen, wood, iron, wool, bronze, copper, and tin. Seriously, after ten years of marriage, all you get for your effort is a *tin* anniversary. Want a diamond anniversary? All you have to do is stay married for 75 years, survive, and congrats.)

But today, we are celebrating the *WAHOO!* anniversary.

Bridgette has gone 366 days (leap year)
with no hospitalization, surgeries, or invasive procedures.

See what I mean?


And guess how we're celebrating! Bridgette could choose anything she wanted on this fine snowy Saturday. The planetarium... the children's museum...

Yeah. We're going to a McDonald's playground. A little less wahoo on that one, but it is *her* big day.


The last year hasn't been all silken rose petals, but she really hit a turning point in July. We've had it pretty good since then.

Last year about this time, she was coming home from Primary Children's.

We were admitted one day after I took this photo at home. She was trying not to vomit. Poor kid.

Her symptoms were as much like cholera as I've ever witnessed personally -- my preference, of course, being that she never experience them again.

Want to know what that hospital stay was like? Who knew anything good could come from unadulterated delirium?

Here is one of my favorite blog entries to remind you:
On The Benefits of Being Blind

After a full week of x-rays, blood tests, stool tests, medicines, IVs, labs, allergy tests, one full-anesthesia procedure, three separate teams of doctors, and seven sleepless hospital nights, we went home...

... wheeeeeere we *also* didn't sleep.

March was the same as February, for me -- sans the needles and nurses and batteries of tests.

(Though there were additional doctors' visits. And about 200 billion diaper changes.)

In fact, the month of March 2011 feels like it didn't really exist. While not officially stricken from the record, it was so unpleasant that time was irrelevant.

Nerves were far more than frayed.

Delirium persisted.

I wrote additional blog entries. It was my only release.

(Remember the South Korean pooping song? Some of you will remember. And some of you cannot forget. No matter how hard you try.)

If you missed it the first time, let this sear your brain.

You'll "thank" me:


Progress was slow, but between April and July, progress was made. In addition, Bridgette "graduated" from Kids on the Move in July (by reason of age -- policy dictating a removal of services at 3 years old).

From July to today we have seen a few bouts of serious illness but nothing, thankfully, that required IV fluids.

(In fact, we had a close call just two days ago. Dehydration, lethargy to the point of being cognitively unresponsive. Still don't know what that was about.)

We continue to have a lot of long nights, but nothing that has tested our sanity. And although she has some developmental catching up to do, you should see her now!

Oh wait. You can.

(Top left, in the purple. Taken yesterday. She had never tried to climb the bones before. Keep it up, kiddo.)


Lore said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all! I'm sorry Bridgette wasn't feeling well a few days ago. Hope she continues to do well and that we can all have a very pleasant visit next week. Can't wait!

Alisha said...

Amazing Bridgette!!!..... And of course, Kelly and Jeff ;) We are celebrating right along with you, since Emarie was right there with you in the hospital the last unexpected stay she's had as well (she's had a few other "scheduled ones from surgeries that ended up being nasty stays.... but we don't have to count those right?!).

Keep it up, you are an inspiration to all!

Brenda Johnson said...

A reason to celebrate for sure!

Angela said...

congratulations Bridgette! We hope you enjoyed your celebration!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I like the "wahoooo celebration! Yay!!!