Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Aliens Day, TTIO!

Here's a little joy-write for all you fathers, father-types, fathers-to-be, and folks with fathers.

Considering the epic length of my last post, I'll realio-trulio keep this one short. It is limited to a simple card, made today for Jeff by our daughter Bridgette... who is 3-years-old.



Me: Can you tell me about this, Bridgette?

Bridgette: Yeah! T - T - I - O! Spells, 'Daddy!'

Bridgette consistently writes from right to left. As in all other developments, I'm not sure why.

Perhaps it's because she's left-handed?

Or, more probably, it's because I sing bedtime lullabies in Hebrew.

.ישנן דרכים רבות כל כך כדי לבלבל את ילדך


Me: Bridgette, I see you drew some faces here.

Bridgette: Yeah! Aliens!!!

So there you have it.

And to all you good men out there in cyber-land, 
Happy Aliens Day, T-T-I-O!

We wish you the best, today and always.


Anonymous said...

!!!reve drac yad oitt tseB

(: ennailuJ

(.sneila eht evol yllaicepse I)

Tammy and Alvin said...

Awesome, Bridgette!

(and that previous comment must have taken some serious brain power to type out!)

Lore said...

What a sweetie! Love that girl!

Alisha said...

Yes props to Julianne on that clever post! Love this, very cute! You are so great to document these amazing and cute things she does!

Lore said...

P.S. So what does "ישנן דרכים רבות כל כך כדי לבלבל את ילדך" mean, anyway?