Thursday, September 6, 2012


Here we are! No, really! We're still here!

And either we're doing a few more of the same old things, or we're getting slow at doing them.

Either way, we feel busier, and the blog has suffered.

I knew it had been a long time since last posting, but even *I* was surprised when I pulled up my own blog and realized I hadn't written a bloomin' word since mid-July.

Shame on me. I'm hanging my head.

Not really. That would make it hard to type.

And guess what! Today is another good, busy day! So I'll be quick.

Just wanted to say, "Hi!" because Bridgette surprised me today by writing this word everywhere.

The sidewalk says, "Hi!" in chalk, my printing paper says, "Hi!" in pencil, our whiteboard says, "Hi!" in marker, and a lot of smallish goods have managed to say, "Hi!" through kinetic sculpture.

We're a friendly household.

And apparently we can write.

Also, after teaching my class at BYU early this morning and working on my business this afternoon but before presenting my city's 2012 emergency drill plan to 100 people at the community center later tonight followed by a critique-session with my writers group even later tonight, Bridgette and I made a batch of delicious cookies.

As we were whipping them, I said, "These cookies are going to be so light and fluffy!"

And Bridgette, staring down into the bowl, said, "Yeah. Like my hair."


Lore said...

Oh, what fun! Hi!

Tammy and Alvin said...

Ciao! (That one's a little trickier to spell) So glad to know you're alive and well. What a day and seriously, cookies to boot! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Made my day! Go Bridgette!

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous...

Julianne :)

Anonymous said...


Aunt Lynn