Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dearest Bridgette

A Conversation from Today

B: It's almost the nighttime.
Me: Yes, I suppose it is.
B: But it's the daytime.
Me: Why is it the daytime?
B: Because the Earth turns.
Me: And when it's the daytime, what is shining on us?
B: The SUN!
Me: And what is the sun made of?

(Long pause)

B: Hot magma!


Lore said...

What a BIG girl! (I suppose the foot and tongue action aid the ball in its path down the alley. I wouldn't really know, because I'm not a bowler.)

Anonymous said...

It is Amazing to think about how much she has accomplished. I love to see the coordination and strength that series of pictures show. Also magma is a great guess.