Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Running Journey, Part 6: Emergency Preparedness

Tomorrow I fly to Arizona for my first half-marathon, and I'm in good spirits!

Tonight I'm doing normal pre-travel things:
--packing my bags
--printing my plane ticket
--making a reminder list for Jeff
--shopping for enough bananas that Bridgette can live off of nothing else while I'm away
--cleaning the house (minimally)
--writing blog entries

It crossed my mind this morning that I'm not really prepared for this race in any way.

Like, I've really only got one set of running clothes.

And since it's been 4°F nonstop since November, I've been putting on that same set of ultra cold-weather gear every day and then stepping outside to realize that my gear is only good for one thing.

Dashing to my car to drive to the gym to dash inside to run on a treadmill.

So. What to wear in 70° weather?

I don't know.

Will my compression pants be too hot?

Seeing as I have yet to run in shorts, if I don a random pair, will they chafe?

Is there anything I might wear that would make me stand out like an obvious non-runner? Because we wouldn't want that. Better to blend in at first and THEN walk the whole race.

I called Marathon Mindy to ask her advice, and she said with thousands of people on the course, it wouldn't really matter too much. Which was good news because I was thinking of wearing my Batgirl costume.

In addition, I went to a couple of stores to stock up on extras. Stuff I may or may not need, but plan to test out this weekend.

Like, sunglasses.

USA Triathlon (USAT) keeps sending me emails and magazines, ostensibly with training tips, but mostly they're full of advertisements for high-end triathlon sunglasses. They look fantastic.

I went to Walmart and got some there.

Here's one of my deepest secrets. It's so secret, I'm only telling YOU.

I have never bought sunglasses anywhere other than Walmart and gas stations.

That's because within 2 weeks/months, I will have lost or broken them. So for me $5 does in fact seem like the better investment.

This time around I got some lightweight, super flexible, non-smudge, UVA/UVB rose-colored (I always prefer rose-colored) sunglasses with nice soft nose pads for .... $20.00.

My Walmart standards are increasing. I'll let you know how that goes.

Then I went to an Elite Triathlon store where the nice guy who works there helped me learn all about GU and Chomps and other things that make a lot of triathletes throw-up.

I got samples of each flavor to try out while I "run" on Saturday.

I already ate (more like sucked on) my sample of Jet Blackberry GU. I was really hoping "Jet" referred to color or speed and not to airplane fuel.

It tasted okay.

Apparently it's the gooey texture of GU that gets people worked up. My guess is that those people have never cleaned diarrhea off their child's walls, bed and body three times a night for something like 893 consecutive days.

Not much gets to you after that. Not even Jet Fuel Blackberry GU.

Then that pesky question, how to prevent my silly Achilles from getting more injured?

Answer! I'm now the proud owner of a pair of full CEP compression socks with built-in Achillessehnen-Protektor. Because (duh) Germans make the best compression socks.

Unfortunately, the Germans made me pay more for my socks than Walmart made me pay for my sunglasses.

Oh! I almost forgot. I had to measure my calves for a proper fit. Well, just one actually. And I know you're wondering what it is so that you can compare your muscles to mine.

I'll save you the embarrassment of asking.

My calf is 13" in circumference. You know, so if I die in this race, you can use my calf measurement to identify my body. Just make sure they measure the right leg. By which I mean, the RIGHT leg.

I was gonna get the shocking pink socks (because who doesn't want to be noticed for walking an entire race?) but they were out. The store also carried green, red and black, but I settled for white.

Figured matte-white socks would pair nicely with the rest of my shiny black faux-leather Batgirl uniform.

So this Saturday is shaping up to be pretty epic. Or is it epoch?


That's German.

See you on the other side!

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Anonymous said...

Now I shall have to measure my leg to see who wins. ;) Good luck this weekend, and do not hurt yourself! Julianne