Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bridgette, The Runner

Finished: 1-Mile Kids Fun Run

Oh, and how sweet it was! Every race this year (remember? one per month) is some kind of mile-marking, tough-to-do, tough-to-beat, goal-&-soul-searching experience. But I think that when I look back at 2013? This race will be one of my favorites.

Bridgette had a great time, ran (mostly), and finished strong and speedy. Here are a bazillion photos because smart phones rock, and so does my kid.

Arriving at the Venue
Thanksgiving Point, Electric Park

Attaching the Timing Chip to her Shoe

Family Photo Op

In Case You've Been Worried We Were Forcing Her Into This...

Get Ready.

Get Set!


Go! Weave! Protect Thyself From Being Trodden!

And Don't Forget to Squeal.

She made it... maybe... 1/8 of a mile before she took a walking break. In her defense, it was slightly uphill. I totally get that.

And if you notice, many of the moms in this picture have identical poses -- looking back, extending a hand, coaxing their child forward, "Faster! Come on! Run!"

"Haha! I beat you, Mom!"

But now I'm gonna walk again...

The kids got their own fueling station at 1/3 mile.

A Small but Good Citizen

Hydrated and ready to go!

She pretty much ran the rest of the way.

You wanted to see the whole mile, right?

Well, come on. Don't quit now!

A series showing *excellent* form.

If you want to send a tiny person a sudden and exhilarating boost of pure energy (via joy-juice), give them a high five part-way through the race, like the traffic director in the orange vest did.

"Mom! I got a FIVE!!!"

Closing in on the home stretch?

Almost there?

Around the corner?

Nope! Quick detour through the farm.

Waving to the animals.

Saying hello to the horse.

This is my favorite.

Waving to the daddy.


The crowd's cheering, just for her!

(Actually, some of them were but no one we knew.)


She made it.
*You* made it! One whole mile (of pictures.)
Now come celebrate with us!

The FAVORITE moment of the day (for me).

I had wandered off.
Bridgette came running to me.
Biggest. Hug. Ever.
Medal swinging from her neck.
Little legs working.
Guts working.
Alive and thriving.
Lots of love.
Finished her race.
Mama tears.

A little posing -- cuz we do that.

So very funny.
I was trying to get her to look at me, but she kept turning to the crowd and saying, "Look at my medal." 

Thumbs up, Bridgenator.

And at the party? Meet the finish-line dancing balloon creatures. They wore full (weird) costumes made out of twisted balloons.

Bridge liked them very much.

Looking pretty grown up, if I do say so myself.

Enjoying the spoils of battle.

The official results, to which (per usual) we say, "Meh."

Celebrated at the glorious Tulip Festival!

Bridgette ran to this spot and said, "Take a picture! I'm a flower!"
Someone near us said, "The most beautiful flower in the garden."

Our final message to you today.

Dream Just A Little Bigger


Lore said...

Lovely! She *is* the prettiest flower in the garden.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the words to express how happy this post makes me. I (also) love to see your little girl (not so little now) thriving and joyful. James is in bed now, but he will definitely want to see this one tomorrow. Great Job, Racers! Julianne

Tammy and Alvin said...

What a great post! In addition to all the wonderful things I could say about how cute and amazing Bridgette is, I want to say, "It's great to see you , Jeff! It's been a long time since you've been pictured on this blog. Way to support your runners!" :)

Ann-Marie said...

Way to go, B! What a huge milestone indeed! I wish I could have been there in person at the finish line to give her a high five. Great job giving a step-by-step view of how it went! Bridgette looks like she couldn't be happier... I see this as the first of many races for her in the future! My girls watched the videos and saw the pictures and said that they wanted to hear the music again and see "Bidgette"! Maybe they can join her next year..

Anonymous said...

SO inspirational Kelly, and little B!
And so you know, you weren't the only who was crying at your finish line! Sweet girl, I definitely know that times in life can get hard, but we can do it! We get stronger when we try and we can do incredible things. What are challenges but mile markers to our own promised land. Thanks for the inspiration! - Mike James

Kendall said...

So happy for Bridgette. What a great little runner--and snappy shoes!

Thank you for sharing...she just made my day.

Race Director
Thanksgiving Point Race Series